Job Seeker Visa Hongkong

If you are planning to visit Hong Kong and settle down to work, it is easy to get Hong Kong Employment Searcher Occupation. If you have appropriate capabilities and work involvement behavior, you are easily no far to get eligibility to work and settle down in the most amazing nation.

Occupation searcher Visa or work visa authorization is issued by the legislature of Hong Kong to the experts who are looking forward to working in Hong Kong. Depending upon your capability of the appraisal and performance in aptitude, the work visa is issued to the candidate. The Hong Kong government issues the visa to the individuals that are uncontrolled by the neighborhood natives of Hong Kong.

There are several Asian based countries such as India which are planning to move to Hong Kong. Did you ever notice what excites them shifting to Hong Kong for the entire life?

  • Indian cuisine is the most likeable thing across the globe. The best thing about Hong Kong is one tenth of the restaurants are operated by Indians.
  • If you love fusion-culture, Hong Kong is blessed under the millenium and it’s a great combo of East & West culture mix.
  • Hong Kong holds low cost taxation that attracts people despite the rising cost of living.
  • It is a benefit for working people in Hong Kong as it offers remuneration plus accomodation.
  • Languages spoken are English, Cantonese & Mandarin or a mix. The local languages are easy to learn when you are used to living.
  • Luxury stuff such as furniture and interiors are expensive. Hong Kong position on 25th for “Living Standard.”
  • Reaching Hong Kong from India takes 4-6 hours, as it can feel you moving to a different state of India.
  • Following are the top famous cities in Hong Kong and have a big market- Kowloon, Tsuen Wan, Sok Kwu Wan, Yuen Long Kau Hui, Sha Tin, Tai Po, Teun Mun.

Benefits of Hong Kong Immigration

  • Hong Kong Immigration is approved for two years with an extension program of three years
  • Depending on the positive outcomes about your behavior, you might get an eligibility of three years
  • After staying in Hong Kong for around 7 years, you are eligible to apply for Hong Kong citizenship
  • Hong Kong holders do not require to show an employment offer before moving over.
  • The primary Visa Applicant can take spouse & dependent children below 18 to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Work Permit Visa Details:

Consistently in excess to the number of people are allowed for the licenses to work in Hong Kong. This is an immense open door for remote labourers trying to improve an actual existence. Under the Hong Kong Work Permit Visa you can:

  • Working in Hong Kong, a candidate must have work license application
  • Candidate must have the capacity for Dependent Visas to call you wards
  • Applying for PR visa
  • Earnings in dollars
  • Traveling Hong Kong

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Hong Work Visa/Permit:

  • Ensures you have done extensive research in companies to find out the vacancies
  • Your past work experience to prove how efficient you work and can contribute to the growth of country
  • If you successfully fulfill these criteria, then you are eligible to apply for a Hong Kong Work Permit
  • Certificates and degrees of your educational qualifications
  • Proof of no criminal record
  • Job Offer

Required Documents to Submit While Applying for the Work Visa-

  • Copy of completed Employment Visa Application form
  • Employment Offer Letter
  • 3 Passport size photograph
  • A valid passport with minimum six months of validity
  • Certificates, mark sheet, and other relevant documents
  • Health and travel insurance.

General Eligibility Requirements

Give evidence to an official that you will move out of Hong Kong on the expiry of your Work Permit

  • Have records demonstrating that you have enough assets to help yourself and your family during your stay in Hong Kong
  • Have no record of any crime and present a police freedom declaration as verification
  • Are not a peril to Hong Kong’s security
  • Must have great wellbeing and take a restorative test whenever required
  • Have no designs to work for a business recorded as ineligible by the administration since they neglected to follow certain conditions
  • Have no designs to work for a business who offers sexual move, escort administrations, striptease, or sensual back rubs
  • Must be prepared to give any records requested by officials to qualify your entrance to Hong Kong

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