Hey there, Looking to go abroad in pursuit of your goal, studies and what not? Well, you have come to the right place. We at JVS Immigration Solutions Pvt Ltd are a world-class immigration consultant with countless years of experience in the Immigration solution providing platform. We deem it a privilege to offer our clients the utmost and effective immigration solutions so that they can go ahead and pursue their dreams abroad. The list of clients from JVS Immigration Solutions Pvt. Ltd who are successfully settled abroad is a very strong testament in regard to how we make your dream of going abroad come true. To name a few of the list, our clients are now happily living the dream in Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, NewZealand, Denmark and definitely the United States of America as well.

How do we operate?

We at JVS Immigration Solutions Pvt Ltd. firmly believe that understanding the client’s perspective matters a lot and so keeping that in mind we start the process of creating effective visas. This has been one of the sole reasons why we are being considered as the best Immigration Solution Provider in Delhi. Adding a feather to the cap of holding records, we hold the record for more than 90% of the conversions in the European Nations. With great efforts come great rewards and true to that we have the highest ratio of successful visas documented to date.

As mentioned earlier we strive to understand what the client actually desires to have, be it professional or personal, our team strategically deploys an action-plan that is tailor-made for every client at JVS Immigration Solution Pvt.Ltd.

We all so make sure that we cover each and every aspect of the client’s requirement in their immigration needs and even if you were to extend your requirements, we will get that done as well with pleasure. It is pretty simple how we operate. We put the client’s migration objectives on the board and successfully implement them one by one ultimately serving the purpose of getting you abroad hassle-free and definitely at peace.

Our services are categorised and designed based on the migration needs of a person. Going from beginning another life in a nation to simply visiting abroad for a short duration; our services classes take into account every single wide part of moving abroad. Following are our significant service categories under which our dominant part customers characterise their migration objectives. Consequently, these categories continue developing according to our client's requirements.

The process is simple with us!

Our Modus Operandi is simple as it was mentioned before, We meet you, get to know your profile and requirements, match them and bring the best possible immigration plan out of that and get you onboard the flight that will take you to your dream nation or just the nation where you want to go. We also have consulting experts who will be there to take care of your doubts, problems, information requirements that are immigration-related to make sure that you have a clear picture of what you are actually getting yourself into.

Where can you find us?

You can find us at Flat No-502, 5th Floor, Hemkunt Chamber 89, Nehru Place. The location is a easy to spot one in the capital city of Delhi and you can easily reach us through public commute or metro as well. We love to make things easy for our clients and so by that, you can even contact us over the phone on the number: 011 4351 0609. You are also bestowed upon with the privilege of walking into our office to get your inquiries done and we will get you all ready and riled up to get going abroad to follow your dreams!

We make settling abroad dreams a reality with experience and expertise that are one of a kind!