Green Card Denmark

Denmark Green Card Scheme permits its holder to dwell and work in Denmark. A habitation and work grant under the Danish Green Card Scheme is given to a candidate considering some significant criteria used to assess him/her dependent on a 'Points framework'. In the event that a habitation grant is acquired under Denmark's green card scheme, there is no compelling reason to again apply for and look for a work license. This is on the grounds that the holder of a residency grant is permitted to work under the Danish green card plot.

The scheme and provisions pertaining to the Green Card Denmark inculcates a points-based work license plot which permits you to live and work in Denmark in the event that you can score enough focuses dependent on various criteria, for example, age, language abilities, work understanding, and instruction. In the event that you score in any event 100 points, you can acquire a living arrangement grant substantial for up to 18 months. Furthermore, you will have the option to take your close family along with you to Denmark. Apart from scoring 100 focuses, you should have a substantial medical coverage approach and have the option to give evidence that you can bolster yourself and your family while you search for work in Denmark.

Stay Duration Permit

Denmark Green Cards are legitimate for as long as a year and a half, and can be further increased.

Offer with regards to Employment

This visa doesn't expect you to have an employment bid before applying.

Are you allowed to take your family members along

In the event that you are allotted a home grant under Denmark's Green Card Scheme, your companion or accomplice is additionally qualified for a home grant, just as any children of yours younger than 18 years of age, who live along with and are dependent on you. Your mate or accomplice is permitted to work all day for the whole duration of the living arrangement license's legitimacy.

Money related prerequisites

So as to carry relatives to Denmark you should meet certain monetary and business necessities. This implies you:

  • Must have secured employment in Denmark
  • Must have a work contract expressing that you will be on the job for a minimum of one year after the date of your application, in order to carry a relative to Denmark.
  • It's mandatory for you to have received a minimum of one salary deposited in your account from your employment.

It’s imperative for you to receive the accompanying month to month pay, contingent upon which relatives you wish to bring along with you to Denmark:

  • DKK 10,849 every month in the event that you intend to bring your accomplice/mate to Denmark.
  • DKK 14,416 every month in the event that you intend to bring at least one ward youngsters (whether or not you wish to bring you accomplice/companion).

The Denmark Green Card Points Based System

This visa is focused, with candidates scoring focuses for training, language aptitudes, and adaptability. For full subtleties of the point scoring criteria please have a look at the following mentioned schemes and criteria:

Training and Educational Degree

To score focuses for Education, you should have what could be compared to a four-year certification. Your scholarly certifications must be surveyed by CIRIUS, a body under the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation.

Notwithstanding focuses scored for your degree, extra focuses can be granted under Education for getting a degree from a top school or by having instruction which qualifies you for work in an occupation on the Positive List.

Language Skills

You can win a limit of 30 focuses for language aptitudes which incorporates information on Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English or German. Focuses can be earned for both one Scandinavian language (Danish, Swedish, or Norwegian) and either English or German, however not for both English and German or at least two Scandinavian dialects.

Work Experience

You can score a limit of 15 focuses under Work Experience. Your focuses are earned dependent on the quantity of years you have filled in as a scientist, or in a field of work that is right now in deficiency in Denmark (i.e., an occupation recorded on the Positive List). On the off chance that this doesn't concern you, you can at present acquire focus to experience some other single occupation.


On the off chance that you have examined or worked in the European Union/European Economic Area; you can guarantee a limit of 15 focuses for versatility. You can just guarantee focus for either training experience or work understanding - not both.


You can likewise gain a limit of 15 focuses for your age

After the candidate applying for Denmark's green card scheme presents his/her application, it is prepared according to the Denmark Green Card Information and rules delineated above and a choice to favor the Danish Green Card is made in like manner. At long last, under Denmark Green Card Information age paradigm, focuses are granted for the candidate's age. Hence, the younger the candidate for Denmark green card outline, the more points he/she is granted.

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